About the Author

Writing gutsy heroines from the past, present and beyond.

Why hello there! You’ve found your way to the “About the Author” page and I am delighted to meet you. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Lia and I am an independent author! I love writing about courageous ladies that become their own heroes and take charge of their lives.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my wonderful husband and a snuggly Cockapoo named Fynn. A few years ago I finished a long and drawn out university career. Armed with a Masters of Arts in Drama with a focus on the theatre of the women’s suffrage movement, I set out to conquer the world! I have published articles in the Canadian Theatre Review, Mondo Magazine and Excalibur: York University Newspaper and have worked as a dramaturge, director and producer in the independent theatre scene in Toronto since 2012. During this time I started reconnecting with one of my favourite hobbies, creative writing. My first novel, Emmy Nation: Undercover Suffragette, was published in November of 2015. I am working on writing the second book in this series and I have a room full of gutsy heroines patiently waiting their turn to make it to the page.

Munro has in the main crafted a corking good story; Emmy’s role as an undercover feminist begs a sequel. – IndieReader.com

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So that’s a bit about me, now I’d love to connect with you! I keep a blog called Discovering/Writing Life and I am also fairly active on social media (links are above and below!). I’d love to hang out with you online! I also send out a newsletter from time to time. You can sign up right here!