Creative Hibernation

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Something I am learning over and over again, and learning how to allow myself to accept, is the slowness of creativity and how it needs a lot of R & R. At least my creativity does. I haven’t written a blog post since September! Why? Because I’ve needed a bit of creative hibernation to allow the juices to flow again.

I was stuck. Not just in blogging, but in a large project, the second Emmy Nation book. I was focused on producing, producing, producing while giving myself deadlines that added pressure instead of inspiration. What I wasn’t really allowing myself, was the space and time to daydream, to plant seeds and let them grow into ideas that could then be tended to until they finally blossomed. Sure, I’ve written about this before, but with the schedule of writing this blog I never really gave myself the distance. I never stepped all the way back, completely removed, so that my creative writer muscles could actually recover.

In this hiatus, I gave myself the space to recuperate and let the writer side of my creativity regain energy. It has been a long, deep sleep and I am slowly (an important word for me these days) waking up. I’ve started working on the book again, and now I am adding some blogging back in.

During my hibernation, my creativity found other ways to stay active. I crocheted more, read stacks of books, expanded my side hustle, Cozy Writer’s Room, renovated my home, and most importantly daydreamed up new and exciting ideas that may grow into something beautiful.

Thank you for sticking with me through this creative hibernation!



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    I’m patient Lia. It’s worth waiting for!

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