Weekend of Words

I few weeks ago I received an email that I almost deleted without reading. I assumed it was from one of the many self-publishing book companies that send me several emails a week promoting their products. Admittedly, I have subscribed for these emails and from time to time I do actually read them and get a lot of value out of them. But, mostly I just feel overwhelmed by the information and delete without reading. Luckily I took a second look at this email.

It was from East End Arts, an awesome organization dedicated to promoting arts and artist in the East End of Toronto. It is one of six local arts service organizations funded by the city. Having grown up in the East End of Toronto and still working in an arts organization in this area (Pegasus Dance Studios), I was really excited once I realized where this email came from. The arts and east Toronto are my homes. So, of course it didn’t take much thought to answer YES to the invitation to participate in a panel discussion on self-publishing, another area I feel pretty passionate about.

This is a chance to share not only my past experiences but how I intend to change those experiences with the publishing of Emmy Nation 2. It is a chance to discuss producing art without gate keepers judging whether it is worthy or not. It is a chance to discuss the value of creating work whether it sells or not. It is the chance to discuss the need to share our creativity in the way we feel is best, not the way “experts” say is correct.

So, I invite you to join us on September 16 from 4-5:30 pm to discuss these issues with myself and the other amazing panelists. I will be joining Sharon Smith, Nathalie Prézeau, and moderator Valentina Ciric of The Asquith Press

But, don’t just come for this one panel, check out the rest of the Weekend of Words as well!


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