Flash Fiction – Breakup Cake


“Pour the mixture into a cake pan and bake until burnt all the way through,” my great-aunt reads out of an old recipe book that is slowly beginning to resemble more of a book of spells as the night goes on.

“Why do we burn it all the way through?” I ask hesitantly, not sure coming here was such a good idea.

“Because it is a breakup cake, the point is to burn all the love you still feel,” she snaps back in that way she has of making you feel like a twit for not understanding simple facts.

“But, don’t I have to eat it?” I dare to throw back at her, wishing one of my friends had picked up their phones and had the time to come over with a bottle of wine, a box of Kleenex and supply of chocolate. Now that most of my friends are parents, they are usually in bed by this time of night and the only shoulder I could find to cry on was my weird great-aunt.

“Well, are you going to pour it into the pan or not?” her sharp voice shatters the pretty picture I was creating in my head of the classic romantic comedy breakup scenes with best friends and junk food. Those scenes are usually followed by a romantic return of the dumb guy. Somehow I don’t think my eating a burnt cake will bring him back to me. The goal here seems to be the total opposite.

“Do you really only have this pan? It doesn’t feel right,” I gesture to the heart shaped cake pan laid out beside the bowl of batter.

“It’s symbolic. You are going to burn the heart,┬áthen break it up and eat it. But, trust me, you will be over this silly boy by the end of the night.”


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